We take a hands-on approach to helping you navigate the path to sales effectiveness.


Whether you are beginning your journey and need to establish the sales strategy necessary to launch your growth trajectory; or you are well into your journey, entering the next stage of growth, and need to define the sales structure necessary to scale profitably; we have the character, skills and experience required for "setting a course" toward achieving sustainable revenue growth, market leadership and wealth creation.


On a square rigged sailing vessel, a course is the lowest sail on the mast and covers the greatest surface area. "Setting a course" means opening that sail to catch the wind, providing the force necessary for propelling the ship forward.


About The Founder


John Montgomery is an energetic and passionate leader with over 20 years experience in the technology industry performing sales and sales leadership roles for companies ranging from startups to multi-nationals. He has successfully combined his passions for people and technology to provide a unique and effective approach for developing the strategy and structure necessary to create a high-performance culture for generating profitable revenue growth and increasing market share. An extensive background in go-to-market strategies, enterprise solution selling, and strategic partnerships combined with strong financial and analytical capabilities provide a structured and disciplined approach to producing business results that consistently exceed the goals of the organization.